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I’m lovin’ all the cozy fall feels! Finally getting to break out the comfy sweaters and tall socks has made me pretty happy. This year has been warmer than normal, which is fine by me! I like that I can still have some skin exposed and wear all the layers at the same time. ❤ The sweater is new from Asos, I can see this quickly becoming one of my favorite fall/winter pieces! I paired it with these adorable polka dot over the knee socks from Tabbi Socks, oxfords and a suede bag 🙂

What are some of your favorite fall pieces?

Happy Monday! XOXOXO

Socks: Tabbi Socks

Sweater: Asos

Skirt: (similar)

Bag: (similar) (similar) (similar)

Shoes: (similar) (similar)



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Ahhh 65 degree mornings feel pretty good! Im really excited for sweater season:) Today Im wearing one of my more dramatically long cardigans. I love it! Its super soft, and the light weight fabric makes it nice and flowy. Its not super chilly out yet so I paired it with a floral skirt and some flatform sandals. I can’t wait to style is when it gets a little cooler out ❤

Happy Monday! xoxo

Cardigan: Forever 21

Skirt: (similar)

Shoes: (similar)

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Hey There!

Hope everyone had a good week! I was pretty under the weather last week, too sick to do anything really. It feels like you have to pause your life for a few days when your really sick. You just don’t have the energy to focus on anything but feeling normal again!! As of yesterday I am fully recovered and soooo thankful. Full of energy and inspiration. 🙂 One thing being sick does is make you appreciate your life and the things you get to do day to day that we may take for granted! ❤

Top: Forever 21

Sweater: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21

DSC_0176DSC_0178DSC_0166DSC_0139 DSC_0226 DSC_0214 DSC_0259

Hey there!!

Its been awhile since my last post, life has been a little crazy lately! Very happy to be posting and very happy about the weather ❤ Its 50 degrees and sunny in Indy today plus I’m wearing my new favorite shoes from ASOS! Im not usually a heels girl. I much rather wear practical shoes, but I saw these and immediately fell in love. The heel is a nice height and the iridescent silver color is perfect. So I paired it with my new cropped sweater from Forever 21 and baby blue tights for a fun spring look.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, happy Sunday everyone!! 🙂

Top: Forever 21

Bag: Modcloth

Shoes: ASOS

Necklace: (similar) (similar)

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So tonight is the salon holiday party! Super excited, but theres lots to do. Secret Santa is revealed tonight, I am on appetizer duty and I need to finalize my outfit. I hope I can get it all done!!! My ootd was easy and comfortable for all the errands I am running. H&M has a ton of fun and festive sweaters, I got a few on cyber Monday. 🙂

Are there lots of holiday party going on this weekend?! ❤

Sweater: H&M

Shorts: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21

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Hey there everyone!

Todays look is pretty casual, but what I realized when I was editing is that this outfit is full of my wardrobe staples, some things I’ve had for years! These pants for example are my all time favorite, I don’t wear a lot of pants more of a skirt/ dress gal, but I seriously love these. the fit is perfect and they are super flattering even after wearing them all day. The boots are my go to ankle boot I got two years ago at H&M, and then my backpack that I carry just about everyday to work.

What are some of your wardrobe staples??

Top: Forever 21

Sweater: Forever 21

Pants: The Gap

Shoes: H&M

Bag: Modcloth

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Awww Sundays:) We have had such a terrific day so far. Sleeping in, lunch at 3 Sisters Cafe, some thrifting, perfect Sunday so far! Ive had a lot of luck thrifting lately. Both my button up blouse and my sequin cardigan were thrift finds from this week. Everything else I’m wearing is from Forever 21. They have awesome shoes right now super cute and so affordable! I hope everyone enjoyed there weekend 🙂

Top: Thrift

Cardigan: Thrift

Shoes: Forever 21

Bag: Forever 21