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Happy Thursday everyone!! I can’t believe there is less than a week until Halloween! yayyy Todays look is featuring this amazing overall dress from Valfre ❤ I wish I could buy pretty much everything from there website. They never cease to amaze me with there adorably unique and super sassy clothing and accesories! This piece is made of cotton but it has the texture of corduroy, so it has some nice structure. Plus the banana pockets are a win forsure!! I paired it with my go-to striped crop top and vintage loafers 🙂

So does everyone have there Halloween costume picked out??

Have a great rest of your week everyone!! xoxox

Dress: Valfre

Top: (similar) (similar) (similar)

Bag: (similar)  (similar)

Shoes: Vintage

Rings: Earth Bound Trading Company  (This is my new favorite place to buy rings!!)

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Ive always been a huge fan of smock dresses but this one stole my heart! Smock dresses are the best because of how relaxed the fit is, they are super comfy and have an adorable baby doll look to them! This dress speaks to me though ❤ I LOVE the weird quirky print, plus it’s red and blue my two favorite colors. It’s a dress I won’t have to accessories much but if I do I can get really funky with it! I paired it with a striped tote and ballet flats 🙂

Hope everyone has a beautiful start to the week! XOXOX

Dress: Asos

Shoes: Asos 

Bag: (similar) (similar)

Hair Bow: (similar)

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Its funny to see things come back in style that I really liked when I was young! Im pretty sure I wore a black choker necklace almost everyday in 7th and 8th grade. Of course back then I didn’t have money to buy real ones so I cut up old panty hose and wore them around my neck (which really angered my mom a few times.. oooppss!) I loved this necklace because it’s a bit more unique with the bow detail, still really simple but girly. I paired it with this adorable floral romper, lace up flats, which are both from Asos, and a vintage bag!

Happy Tuesday everyone!! xoxoxo

Romper: Asos

Necklace: Asos

Shoes: (similar) (similar)

Bag: Vintage

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 It’s no secret, especially if you follow me on Instagram that I LOVE overalls! They are really easy to throw on and soo cute! This is definitely my new favorite pair, I got them from Asos recently. The denim is super soft, with a relaxed fit. They have ajustable straps which comes in handy when you’re on the shorter side like I am! I also really like how flowy the bottom is, it gives them a girly feel. I paired them with an off the shoulder crop top, metallic flats and a pop of red ❤ 

Hope your weeks is going well:) xoxo 

Top: Asos

Overalls: Asos

Shoes: (similar) (similar)

Bag: (similar) (similar)

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The jean jacket! Such a classic piece to have in your wardrobe. They go with anything and can be worn anytime of year. I feel like I have tried on a million different ones over the years and have never been in love with one until I found this beauty!! It has a loose fit but not too loose, the sleeves are a tad cropped giving it a vintage look, plus for an added bonus there are ruffles on the back ❤ making it super unique and adorable!! I truly love this jacket. It will be perfect to throw on this summer when it cools off at night. To complete the look I paired it with a floral skirt, a vintage bag and lace up flats 🙂

What are some of your fav wardrobe staples?!

Happy Friday everyone!! xoxox ❤

Jacket: Asos

Bag: Vintage

Hair Clip: Asos

Shoes: (similar) (similar)


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I hope everyone is having a great start to summer! I have been super busy at work and with family, Im ready for things to slow down a bit so I can enjoy this weather while it last. I realized while uploading these pictures I have been into blue a lot lately! My last post featured a blue UO romper as well. I loved this one because of the collar/ tie front combo! Its super cute, easy to wear, and a super light weight fabric. I paired it with these flats from Modcloth ( Which I’ve been obsessed with this summer ❤ ) and my ice cream bag! 🙂

Are there any colors you’ve been drawn to a lot this season?

Have a great day everyone!! xoxo

Romper: Urban Outfitters

Bag: (similar)

Shoes: Modcloth

Phone Case: Asos


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Don’t you love how effortless warm weather makes getting dressed? I’m so happy to finally feel 80 degrees on my skin again plus rompers are one of my favorite things to wear. Especially this one I got from UO. It’s one of my favorite colors and the skort is so cute! The fabric is super silky making it lay really nice. I paired it with a red bag, and cat eye classes giving the look a summer vintage feel. 🙂 What are you most excited to wear this summer?? 

Have a great week! Xoxo 

Romper: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: (similar) (similar)

Bag: Pepa Loves

Glasses: Bleu Dame