A New Love for Jeans


For a long time jeans felt very boring to me so I avoided wearing them as much as possible. (probably because all through school thats what I wore almost everyday) My love for skirts and dresses took over, but in the winter that meant tights everyday! During my break from blogging I really wanted to focus on having a clean slate with fashion. I don’t want there to be things I’m afraid to wear. Also I’ve come to realize that “boring” is good sometimes, its more about how your wearing the outfit.

Today I’m wearing my new favorite jeans of all time ❤ These are Levis 501 cropped skinny jean from UO. I love the relaxed fit, they are so flattering, and super easy to dress up or down! I paired it with this adorable glitter top that I’ll probably be wearing the rest of December, boots and a vintage bag!

Jeans: Urban Outfitters

Cardigan: Asos

Top: Urban Outfitters

Boots: H&M

Bag: Vintage

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