Afternoon Walks in Maroon Socks

DSC_7427 DSC_7426 DSC_7445 DSC_7557 DSC_7568 DSC_7589

Todays look is similar to my last post, which I wouldn’t normally do, but I was submitting a photo that had to represent my personal style. So of course I wanted to wear some of my favorite pieces from my wardrobe or things that I tend to wear a lot. I’m wearing a heart print blouse with my favorite denim skort, also my favorite vintage bag, over the knee socks, and oxfords! Its simple but still definitely represents me and things that I enjoy wearing ❤

I hope everyone had a great weekend! xoxo

Top: H&M

Socks: Tabbi Socks

Shoes: Modcloth

Bag: Vintage


  1. I am head over hills in love with your overknee-style. This outfit is perfect again. I would see more overknee outfits of you, you are very pretty wearing them. How often do you wear them in spring? Which color is your favourite?


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