Cats on My Knees Highs 

DSC_5875DSC_5884 DSC_5861 DSC_5859 DSC_5891DSC_5933DSC_5909 DSC_5937

The weather has changed a little bit here in Indy, It went from 95 degrees down to 75 degrees in the last few days! Ill admit its nice not sweating while trying to take pictures lol, but its also been nice because I’m able to break out the knee highs!! I’m so excited for tights and sock season ❤ This adorable pair is from Chrissy’s Socks! They have a huge selection of over the knee and knee high socks. I usually prefer the over the knee socks, I like how they look on my legs better. I saw these and had to have them, the thickness is perfect, not bulky or too thin, plus it doesn’t get much cuter than having kitty cat knees!:) I paired it with a lace skirt for some texture and polka dots because polka dots are the best ❤

Socks: Chrissys Knee High Socks

Top: (similar) (similar) (similar)

Skirt: (similar) (similar)

Bag: Forever 21

Shoes: Vintage

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