Black with Pops of Red

DSC_2836DSC_2800DSC_2821 DSC_2820DSC_2870 DSC_2911DSC_2931 DSC_2952

Funny how things come full circle. Just yesterday I was telling my friend how I usually dislike red and black combos because they feel dark, but somehow this is what I randomly picked to wear today! (lol) Also its still not warm enough for shorts so I had to break the tights back out. Since the weather is warmer I can be a little more creative with how I wear them which is nice! I love color of course, but theres something super awesome about wearing lots of black! Tights with these black demin shorts and platforms feels modern and hip. Then to complete the look I threw in a splash of color because red ❤ ❤ I’m obsessed! 

 Happy Thursday! 

 Shorts: Forever 21 

 Bag: ASOS 

 Shoes: ASOS 

 Bow: Forever 21


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