Perfectly Plaid



How was everyones weekend? Ours was pretty eventful, which was okay with me since I was stuck inside all last weekend! So I absolutely love tights. I think they are adorable and can add a lot to an outfit, but lately all I want to do is throw them all in a drawer and not look at them for a few months. I am so ready to just be able to throw on a dress and not worry about finding a pair of tights  and a jacket to go along with it. This weekend I was so excited to do just that!! Feeling the cool breeze was amazing. No layers needed, ahhhhh ❤ Who else is ready to peel off some layers??

Top: H&M 

Skirt: Forever 21

Headband: (similar)

Bag: Vintage


  1. I’m never ready to give up tights but I have to most of the year! I love how much they can change up a look. Sometimes it’s nice to not have to think about layers though. I really love your denim skater skirt and the colors in this plaid top are super pretty.


  2. I know its warmer, but you look so classy in tights. Please, keep wearing them as long as you can. The effort is worth the effect!


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