Pastel Pink

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Hello everyone!

So here lately I’ve been obsessing over pastels! More of a statement piece or monochrome pastel. I’m super inspired, the bright fresh colors of spring are everywhere in fashion right now. NYFW was full of pretty yet bold pastels  ❤

This is the second time the ice cream dress has made it on the blog, its one of my all time favorites!! It was yelling at me to take it out of the closet today. So I paired it with an adorable pastel pink coat I got at Forever 21 (which is now on sale)

Well I hope everyone has a great day, and be expecting some more pastel on the blog in the near future 🙂

Coat: Forever 21 (cute) (cute)

Dress: Old

Shoes: Old (simliar)

Bag: Old (similar)

Adorable Ice Cream headphones that match the dress: Forever 21


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